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Sundays in Boston

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Sundays in Boston

Are all the things that are

Sunday in Boston

Making mom proud through protocol:

Grab myself a charlie card,

A bill - in case of emergency, or impulse,

And identification, the real one, of course.

A day to breathe

The fresh air of the city.

It’s always worth it,

tossing my shorts on,

And packing my bag with the alleged necessities,

Overestimating my need for water on these runs,

Underestimating these cravings for gummy bears.

Sundays in Boston

And in other parts of the world,

Bring to each their own

Hopefully a respite, yet maybe more toil,

But always something, a day different from the rest.

No music, except for the choppy cadence of my thoughts,

Until they find resolution and inspiration through humility,

And through the regard of a city,

Of a people just like you and me.

My legs are getting tight here,

It’s still January, after all,

And writing in the middle of a run,

Even when the heat is in me

In the heart of a Sunday city,

Might not be best.

Subdue last week’s stresses.

Weekend long runs

Always brings me back to square one.

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