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St. Patricks Day

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

We celebrate St. Patricks day

In the United States.

When I say “we,”

I mean most people,

Including those

Not of Irish ancestry.

Isn’t it odd,

That only 150 years ago

Irish were ruthlessly persecuted against,

Not considered white?

Today, the holiday is widely celebrated.

Over time,

The outsiders become the insiders.

As the insiders face the threat,

Of other, newer outsiders,

They welcome those first outsiders

To become insiders.

They find strength in numbers.

Can we imagine a time when,

150 years from now,

White America celebrates

Eid Al Fitr




Chinese New Year?

Probably not.

But one of those holidays,

Or one not mentioned,

Might be constructed

Into the fold

And we will forget

The persecution of those

New insiders,

Those who were once outsiders.

When the winnowing majority

Finds it necessary

To adopt a new group,

To find new strength in numbers,

We will once again,

Reconstruct our understanding

Of race.

We will adopt the holidays of those

Who were once the outsiders,

And conveniently persecute

The other outsiders.

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