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Finding Courage?

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

A naive boy alone in India.

I take my first steps

Outside the "resort"

And I don’t know if this here dog

Is going to bite me.

I have been here for four days, five nights.

These dogs, they’re stray dogs.

I briefed and braced myself

As much as I could -

But there are some things

You simply can’t prepare for.

I walk a bit further.

I walk and I see a bull

Of course, the bull, it scares me, quite a lot -

More than the dog did.

But I start walking towards them,

Until I get scared and I turn around,

Quietly, looking over my shoulder,

Checking in with these bulls.

They look around and I begin to realize

That maybe I'm one with nature, one amongst the bulls.

So I turn back around, for they remind me,

That I am an animal, too I face them.

I charge. But I walk right past them.

While I had set out to write:

How at first, a gentle dog scared me,

And then, how at second, I saw a herd of bulls,

And third, I imagined redeeming myself

By petting the bulls.

Do you think I pet those bulls?

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