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The Blue House on Corey Road - Spring 2018

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

The Blue House on Corey Street.

Allston, Mass.

I wonder who lives in there.

I wonder what their story is.

I walk a little further,

I walk a bit further.

Why was there a fence surrounding

That Blue House on Corey Street,

Already so ramshackle, dilapidated.

What could a fence do?

I pass another house

A bit further down the street,

On my side of the street,

The left, North side of the street,

Still heading Eastward.

I see one of those green,

Teeth-cleaning floss-picks.

No, it was blue. Or maybe

It was green, but my mind was still

Hung up on the outlandish

Baby-Blue, one-story house

On Corey Street.

Anyway, seeing this 21st century floss

Compels me to pick my head up;

There are better things to see in this world.

I look left.

A sedan.

I can’t remember the model, or the year,

And who knows whether there will be

More or less of this particular car-make

A couple years from now,

Granted all the tariffs implemented

Today, last week, last year.

A Nebraska plate

With an “Earth” sticker

On its left bumper.

I wonder if its owner

Traversed Eastward in this car

With the intention of staying

2, 5, or maybe 10 years.

Maybe more.

I wonder if this car will ever

Make the journey westward

In the direction of that

Blue House on Corey Road.

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